Everyone starts as something else. We started as bakers, at the Italian Bakery we spent decades perfecting the art of making bread, pastries, cookies, and cakes. Now you can enjoy that perfection daily, every time you come in. Pick up a panini for lunch, some fresh bread to enjoy at dinner with a plate of pasta, or take moment for yourself and have an espresso with your cannoli.


Before “Charcuterie” was a thingNonna’s everywhere were serving up perfect platters of the best cured meats and aged cheeses to loved ones and yelling “MANGIA!”. We are proud to carry on the tradition (minus the yelling) in our deli with a range of quality meats perfect for party trays, panini, and “Salumi” boards (that’s Italian for charcuterie, which is actually French, capisce?).


Life is crazy and hectic! We’ve created a space where people can come in and find everything on their grocery list. To complement our fresh produce, deli meats and bakery, we have brought in all the staples you need for your pantry; canned goods, spices, spreads, olive oils. While you are here, why not grab a gelato or espresso!


We believe produce should always be fresh. Italian cooking is established on the concept of using fresh and simple ingredients to create the most delicious meals. At Italian Bakery’s Mercato you can rest assured that what you find will be fresh, in season and locally sourced whenever possible.


Pasta is synonymous with Italian cooking. Spaghetti, Rigatoni, Fettuccini, Ravioli, Tagliatelle. We love them all! To uphold the Italian tradition of serving a fresh plate of pasta to family and guests, we make our pastas daily for our customers to enjoy! Buon Appetito!


Gelato is serious business, don’t let anyone tell you different. When it comes to giving you a taste of “La Dolce Vita” we couldn’t take any chances, so our Gelato is made in house the right way with the best ingredients available. Indulge with us any time of year!

Illy Cafe

We are proud to serve Illy Caffè espresso in Italian Bakery’s Mercato. Served in over 140 countries and established in 1933, Illy Caffè shares Italian Bakery’s Mercato’s heritage and passion for quality ingredients and the importance of family, friends, and a good cup of espresso. It was important for us to create a space in Mercato where espresso is sipped, friends can gather and you can take a moment out of your day and just enjoy.


We’ve taken our passion and experience in the industry and have created upscale products in every department that we are proud of. We love family, friends, food and our community and wanted to create a space where you can enjoy them all!

 Take a closer look at which each of our departments are all about!


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