The Ultimate Place to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Italy: Verona

Ever since William Shakespeare wrote his romantic tragedy and set it in the Italian city of Verona, the town has been associated with the doomed but beautiful story of Romeo and Juliet. Verona is a beautiful destination in itself with a pleasing relaxed atmosphere, plenty of Italian sunshine and lots of monuments to love.

Romeo and Juliet’s story of star-crossed love has become inextricably entwined with Verona (in legend if not in actual reality) turning it into one of the most romantic destinations in Italy. And, Valentine’s Day on the 14th February gives the city the perfect occasion to celebrate this honor with the annual Verona in Love Festival. If you’re in love, this is definitely the time of year to visit!

With its mix of poetry, entertainment and, above all, romantic magic, a trip to Verona in Love is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. This long weekend transports you into a world of dreams with something for all tastes from romantic concerts to the Giulietta and Romeo Half Marathon!

During this special weekend, the streets and squares are filled with red decorations and lights with different neighborhoods competing with each other to display the best decorations while shopkeepers fill their windows with romantic treats.

At the heart of the celebrations is Piazza dei Signori. Considered the living heart of the city, during Verona in Love it is laid with a huge heart-shaped red carpet surrounded by illuminated market stalls selling all sorts of mementos to love as well as local artisan products.

Wedding fairs and love-themed dinners all add to the atmosphere in the old town.

To get the full flavor of Verona’s link to Romeo and Juliet, a city break this weekend is the perfect time to book a guided tour that takes in the city’s romantic spots.

Top of the list is Juliet’s House where the legendary balcony overlooks a courtyard with its statue of Juliet. Join in with the centuries-old legend and leave a romantic letter to your loved one on the entrance wall to the courtyard before resting your hand on Juliet’s right breast to be sure of eternal love.

Climb to the top of Lamberti’s Tower to see the decorations and lights spread out before you before finishing your day with a sunset stroll across the beautiful Castelvecchio Bridge.

Whether you’re in love with someone or simply in love with love then this weekend in Verona should not be missed!



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